Mike Coghill

“Previously it would take 1.5 weeks to get a proposal out. With SnapCount, it can take just hours.”

Mike Coghill
Lighting Retrofit Design Specialist

“The speed of this system makes us look like superior performers. Now we brag about our new software.”


“We had a very archaic system, the “dinosaur” of systems. For every day we spent in the field with an audit, we spent three days on the back end completing the audit and developing the proposal.

“When we saw SnapCount, we just said ‘wow.’ We brought it in because we felt they were the right fit for us. We wanted a proprietary system that worked to the way we do things, not a run-of-the-mill approach.

“We spent some time on the design phase and then took it to the field and started using it. We probably started using it before we were ready, but the StreamLinx guys were like warriors and were with us every step of the way and never skipped a beat. If we had a problem, they were on it.

Previously it would take 1.5 weeks to get a proposal out. With SnapCount, it can take just hours. Used to be when the client’s engineers wanted to make a change, it was a huge deal – almost a start-over. With SnapCount, it’s just a matter of a few hours to revise a proposal.

“The speed of this system makes us look like superior performers. I was doing an audit in Mississippi yesterday with an ESCO and I finished it up last night for the customer. Now we brag about our new software. We have set up our company to use this tool – both the people in the field and those in the offices.

“Previously some of our customers would get a proposal from us, hold on to it, and then at the 11th hour they would have significant changes that needed to be made ASAP. Now we can accurately and quickly turn these changes around.

“We see this type of system as the way to go and the way the future of our industry (and really any industry) will go as well. It’s about getting information back to customers in a faster manner.

“Accuracy is also huge. An improper call could cost us tens of thousands of dollars. This system allows us to take a photo, check with the designer and avoid a costly error. The SnapCount system is helping us up our game in terms of eliminating mistakes. There is so much more transparency with technology today and the bar is higher than it used to be. SnapCount is helping us meet and exceed that bar for our customers.

“We’re becoming one consistently running machine now versus having 20 separate moving parts. We’ll all be connected.

“Competitors used to lead us, but now they don’t so much. SnapCount is our competitive edge. Without this tool, we’d have to turn jobs away. Now it’s, ‘Well, it’s gonna be tight, but we’ll get ‘er done.’

“There have been many times when we’ve told the StreamLinx team what we want to do and they have come back with an even better idea for our system than we were considering.

“We think of them as a partner. They are part of our family. They have put on a lot of mileage with us. If we hit a bump, we can call and get a voice on the phone and get it fixed.”