Tanner Smith

“Before SnapCount, I carried a pen, pad, camera, calculator and light meter to a facility audit. Today I have one device that does it all.”

Tanner Smith
VP, Business Development
Pinnacle Solutions LED


Pinnacle Solutions was founded in 2010 in Dallas Texas. Pinnacle works in over 36 states across the country and deals exclusively in the LED lighting retrofit space. In 2014 Pinnacle began to research software that would help support their teams in the field collect data while auditing facilities. At that time the audit team was still using pencil and paper to collect information on site. After meeting the Streamlinx team, Pinnacle chose SnapCount and has never looked back.

Today, speed, efficiency and accuracy are the norm and Pinnacle is a leader in the Lighting retrofit industry.

In addition to the ease, detail and rigor that SnapCount brought to the table, Streamlinx made a software update and added a light meter feature eliminating one more device that previously had to accompany the audit team.

Streamlinx makes a point check-in and listen to client requests. Software updates are made routinely making SnapCount current – even ahead – of industry changes.