Frank Fazio

“SnapCount is a robust software package – easy to use and ideal for our kind of business.”

Frank Fazio
President and CEO
R World Energy Solutions


“I started in finance and then went into sales/sales management in the computer industry. I also had a sales and marketing consulting company. I understand computers and software and knew we needed an ERP package to help grow the company to scale.

“SAP is the biggest, but not as good a fit for a small- to medium-size company. I have experience with ERP software and knew about StreamLinx’ competition and what to look for with software. We looked at SnapCount and saw that it’s geared more to our type of industry, e.g. doing audits, and knew it was closer to what we needed.

“They will also be growing their software just for us to meet our needs. We need it to be more than just about lighting. We work with HVAC, power quality, controls, water efficiencies, solar/wind/fuel cells, etc. We’re a one-stop shop. The other things we’re doing right now for our business we’re doing in Excel to look like SnapCount. As they grow the product it will help grow our company.

“We have three major pieces of software, including SnapCount. The SnapCount software ties into our CRM and accounting packages. It’s important that it all connects. That’s what a president worries about.

SnapCount is a robust software package – easy to use and ideal for our kind of business. It’s not a typical ERP system.”