SnapCount 5.4

StreamLinx introduces
SnapCount® 5.4

Welcome to SnapCount 5.4, and the introduction of multiple sought-after new features. Lighting and energy retrofit is advancing faster than ever, requiring your team to have the smartest, most flexible tools. With SnapCount 5.4, brings the following suite of new features.

Encentiv Rebates.
SnapCount’s partnership with Encentiv Energy enables you to discover and rapidly calculate incentive and rebate programs to your customers at an unmatched pace. Armed with “Encentivizer”, you will have the ability to discover rebate opportunities instantaneously.

SnapCount’s Multi-Catalog feature adds extensive price and costing power abilities to your quotation activities. Create and maintain master lists and customer or vendor-specific catalogs, including material, labor, controls, special equipment, and existing fixture data.

Business Intelligence Dashboards.
Business Intelligence will help you find out what is happening, what will happen, and why it’s happening through performance driven dashboards. Business Intelligence empowers you with insights into key economic indicators and product/solution effectiveness.

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