Here is what you can save with SnapCount

SnapCount helps you win more projects and complete those projects more efficiently—turning your retrofit business into a profit-making powerhouse. What could more revenue, bigger profits, lower costs and fewer errors mean for your business?



ADDITIONAL Revenue (Sales) Possible

Case Study

After implementing SnapCount, Verde Solutions has consistently closed more retrofit deals, improving their win rate by double digits.


INCREASE in Profitability

Case Study

With an increased speed of audit and quote, Rogers Electric was able to eliminate a 50-site project backlog in just one week.

More revenue = more freedom to make big plans for your lighting retrofit business—including the ability to expand into new markets, hire new team members, and turn those “someday” wish list items into steps you’ll take this year and next. How much freedom can SnapCount give you? It may be more than you dreamed possible.

Operational efficiency



Case Study

With SnapCount, STS was able to increase their audit turnaround speed from an average of 7 days to an average of 1 day.


DECREASE in Errors

Case Study

Upon implementing SnapCount, AER experienced a reduction in errors within audit data of 75%

“Time is money” may be a cliché, but it’s true. When your processes are more efficient, you can complete more jobs and bring in more revenue—all without increasing your operating expenses.  Completing more jobs without straining your time or your people? Now that’s how you grow your business.

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Easier. Faster. Better.

SnapCount solves every downfall of conducting audits and producing proposals. Audits become a walk in the park. Manual transcription? Scratch it off your to-do list forever. Fast, gorgeous, accurate proposals that will knock your prospects’ socks off? Oh, just wait until you see what we have in store for you.

Easier Data Gathering

Let’s get frank for a moment: Writing everything down with pencil and paper and then transcribing it is a giant pain in the you-know-what. Now, imagine easily popping data into your SnapCount mobile app … and having all that data waiting for you, in actionable format, when you get back to your computer.

Faster Sourcing

You know what you need, so why should you spend hours hunting down the right solutions on supplier or distributor websites? SnapCount’s search and filter options give you all the right choices, right at your fingertips, right within the app. It’s one-stop shopping designed for the way you want to spec.

A Better Client Experience

Impress customers from start to finish. Perfect, graphic-rich proposals will help you win the job. Intuitive, thorough, on-top-of-it-all project management helps you win the reputation that will make you the top choice. With SnapCount, you’ll look like superheroes … without breaking a sweat.

How many hour and thousands of dollars can you save with SnapCount?

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