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Wright Light Solutions - SnapCount Case Study

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With over 30 years of lighting audit and retrofit experience, Doug Cartwright established Wright Light Solutions in 2018 offering lighting audit services. Following years of working with established organizations such as GE Lighting and Rexel, Cartwright opted to launch his own company focusing on performing lighting audits. Functioning as a one-man team, Cartwright launched his lighting auditing operation with the use of pen and paper but was quick to realize the pitfalls of this method. “It was a miserable way to do audits and start a business and it was time to start looking for a solution”, said Cartwright.

Seeking a Solution

As Doug Cartwright began auditing facilities for Wright Light Solutions, he did so by auditing each location with pencil and paper. In a project such as a bank branch, Cartwright would spend up to an hour auditing the branch’s current lighting and spend a further two hours attempting to discern what he had written down on paper once he was back at the office. In an initial attempt to digitize his operation, Cartwright utilized spreadsheets for data transcription. “I thought that transposing my audit into a spreadsheet would help with the data transcription process, but in reality it was still a lot of nebulous data and I was spending a great deal of time after the audit trying to breathe life into it”, said Cartwright.

Seeking to streamline his audit and transcription processes, Cartwright tried his hand at creating his own app for auditing facilities. Creating a simple interface with pulldowns, menus and multiple choices, Cartwright developed an application with a low upfront cost, but quickly uncovered its limitations in terms of interactivity and customization. “I thought I had found the end that I needed, but little did I know there was a much quicker and accurate solution in the market”, said Cartwright.

In 2019, a client asked Cartwright if he could perform an audit using SnapCount rather than with his homegrown application. Having heard about SnapCount in the past but never using the software, Cartwright reached out to the SnapCount team for a demo of the software. “When I saw the demonstration of what SnapCount could do compared to what I had developed, I know it was light years ahead of anything I could create. The choice to switch to SnapCount was a no-doubter”, said Cartwright.

The Switch to SnapCount

Upon shifting to SnapCount to audit facilities, Wright Light Solutions instantly noticed the level of interactivity and speed the software possessed. “It’s been awesome, the level at which I’ve increased my speed and accuracy with both interior and exterior projects is unbelievable. Being able to utilize features such as the pinpoint on a map that flows through to the audit output document is far beyond anything I could have created with my internal app”, said Cartwright.



The collective impact of SnapCount has enabled Wright Light Solutions to quote projects of a 3x magnitude when compared to prior methods.

By auditing on a mobile device and uploading the audit data to the cloud, Wright Light Solutions is able to greatly reduce post audit workload, including data transcription and manipulation.

Utilizing the SnapCount network and SnapCount audit output, Wright Light Solutions received as many audit opportunities in the 4th quarter of 2019 as the prior 3 quarters before using SnapCount.

Wright Light Solutions Reaction

“As a one-man shop, I have to be highly concerned with ROI when making a purchase such as with SnapCount. I went through the decision-making process and can candidly say that the intangibles of SnapCount alone have given me the ROI that was promised. I would venture to say that you have to spend money to make money and in this case I have certainly made money on my investment. The additional exposure I’ve gained in the industry, being able to put SnapCount on my web site, and getting projects solely for the fact that I had SnapCount has easily given me the return on investment I wanted. The intangibles are very strong and it’s a bit of a leap of faith, but you have to spend money to grow your business. It’s been the best investment I’ve made, right up there with my iPad, laptop and Carhartt jacket. I’m sleeping a lot better these days and I’m much more confident in my data. SnapCount is instant credibility for me and provides my clients with a lot of confidence. I look forward to a long relationship of building my business alongside SnapCount”, said Cartwright.

It’s go time.

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