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win more projects and generate more revenue with less effort and re-work.

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“SnapCount increased our business income from lighting by 35%”
Curtis Henshall

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If you want to see how we calculate our results, these are our assumptions:
Average hourly cost per worker: $40 - Error Rate: 2% - Average Gross Margin: 30% - Hours per Quote: 8 - Capacity Growth: 30 - Hour per project reduction: 50%

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Save on data

Stop wasting time entering data into spreadsheets. Use your tablet or smartphone to capture all facility data, then instantly transfer that data into proposals and project plans.

Save on solutions

Pick the right retrofit solutions for every project in record time. You can even add sophisticated finance and rebate options to your projects with just the tap of a button.

Save on proposals

A great project needs a great proposal. SnapCount turns you into a proposal wizard, creating detailed, graphic-packed proposals—instantaneously!—that make it easy for your customers to say yes.

Save on projects

Once the project starts, SnapCount is your second-in-command, making purchase orders and work orders, progress tracking, and reporting a breeze. On-time and on-budget? No problem.

How did SnapCount become the No. 1 software in lighting retrofit? One success at a time.

SnapCount makes it easy to win and deploy more retrofit projects. This intuitive and powerful tool lets you perform rapid and accurate assessments, easily find the best solutions, create dazzling proposals, and manage projects efficiently and in real time.  Plus, our industry-leading partnerships give you access to instantaneous rebate information and the very best digital project development and sales training.

All of this, on a device you’re probably sitting on right now.

Find out how SnapCount can help you delight your customers—and win more of them.