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"This tool has completely changed our business."

“We used to have scribbled notes; now we have immediacy of information. Changes are so easy and can be done in collaboration with customers. The templates are beautiful and built right in; every time a customer gets a proposal from us it’s special and unique to them. SnapCount is our No. 1 differentiator.”
Gary Pellant
Director of Sales & Marketing
Emily Grene

“We are a lighting and building automation control company. We want to have about 10-15 customers who have a portfolio of buildings across the U.S. and value our tools and expertise and treat us as a partner for energy efficiency needs.”

“We needed to get away from spreadsheets and hosting our database on a server and wanted to move it to the cloud. We are believers in StreamLinx because of the sheer flexibility of their team to adapt to our business practice and model. Their programming team quickly and easily adapted to our needs. Other systems would say, ‘Here’s our system.’ They didn’t fit the overall future-proofing of our business.”

“We were looking for tools and technology to streamline our systems and processes. Previously we hired people and we had a very labor-intensive approach. A key benefit for us has been standardization of our auditing process. We can have auditors with various backgrounds providing a consistent end product.”

“Time savings is another critical benefit. We used to have scribbled notes and voicemails, which would slow down the audit process. It used to take us up to seven days after an audit to provide a proposal to a customer. Now we have immediacy of information. Changes/variations are so easy and can be done in collaboration with customers.”

“We have a digital record of a building. And we provide a customer with a user name and password and they can access their own business digitally. This tool has completely changed our business. The templates are beautiful and built right into the software; every time a customer gets a proposal from us it’s special and unique to them. We are a small company, but this system lets us look like a big one. Soon we’ll be issuing purchase orders from the system.”

“SnapCount isn’t just our auditing tool, it’s our business tool. Assembly Bill 1103 requires nonresidential building owners in California to benchmark a building’s energy use before the sale, lease, financing or refinancing of the entire building. StreamLinx added features to enable [SnapCount] to provide this necessary benchmarking information. And we can charge our customers for this information, providing another revenue stream.

“We also conduct Title 24 audits for our California customers. We know what is required to be submitted. Title 24 addresses the energy efficiency of new and altered homes and commercial buildings.”

“This is a bricks-and-mortar type of business. Technology can help change and evolve our processes, one piece at a time.”

“SnapCount is our No. 1 differentiator. This tool is very user-friendly, based on how they built it and how we wanted it built. The tutorial was very quick and intuitive. It does take us a little more time to do an audit now, but the overall process is completed much quicker. We wanted to make it an interactive process with our customers. They like seeing options and the impact on ROI.”

“We feel like [StreamLinx is] part of our team. We can call them anytime and they will take our calls. They respond faster than our own employees. They are quality people and they are really good business people. In fact, we will likely bring them into a meeting with a large customer in the near future. That’s how good they are. It comes down to doing business with people you like.”

"SnapCount is a great value-add."

Tina Conley


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