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“It’s changed the way we do business altogether.”

“We were referred to SnapCount by a competitor who is highly respected in the lighting business. We were very impressed with the demo and capabilities of SnapCount, and I’m delighted we decided to buy.
Dick Gray
Go Active Energy, LLC

“We knew we needed a proposal package to succeed. We realized that you could not exist preparing proposals with spreadsheets alone. With SnapCount it’s so easy to perform audits and generate proposals. Even making changes after a proposal is created is easy. Normally, it would have taken days to complete this before SnapCount.

“Without SnapCount, it would cost us many times the number of resources and money to complete a project. The value of the software is incalculable.

“I had an engineer come to our office and go over a proposal yesterday, and he said it was astonishing what SnapCount could propose. The building had over 1,000 troffers, and we needed to change the wattage on many of them. We corrected them all in a matter of minutes with SnapCount which would have taken hours with spreadsheets.

“It’s immeasurable how this has improved the speed and accuracy of our operations. It’s changed the way we do business altogether. I welcome the opportunity to call on top tiered property managers knowing we can answer a question about our methodology.

“We’ve secured several significant accounts since we began utilizing SnapCount. Having such a quality proposal has helped us seal the deal, it certainly made a difference. We’ve secured a top 100 automotive group multi-site project using SnapCount, and we are currently working with several of the best property managers in the world.

“We’re confident we can do business with them based on the accuracy of our proposals.

“SnapCount’s customer service is just unbelievable. They were a tremendous help throughout the whole process of purchasing, training and operating the software. SnapCount stands out as a professional company and service.”

"SnapCount increased our business income from lighting by 35%."

Curtis Henshall


Genesis Energy International

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