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"With SnapCount, I win more, with a lower cost of project development."

Sam DiNello
Co-Founder, VP
Future Energy Group

Future Energy Group was founded in 2014 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. They provide a turnkey approach to corporate sustainability and creating a more energy-efficient planet for children and future generations. With project opportunities expanding at an explosive rate, the Future Energy team soon realized they required better methods to scale their business. They began searching for a software that would allow for a higher rate of projects won, at a lower cost of project development. After a webinar with the SnapCount team, Future Energy Group knew it was time to ditch the pencil and paper auditing method. 

After implementing SnapCount, Future Energy Group has grown exponentially and has established themselves as an industry leader in providing energy solutions and sustainability. One of their more recent wins involved a project with over 30,000 fixtures with expansive details and accuracy. They stood out from their competitors by providing higher precision and proof that the team had done their homework.

"This tool has completely changed our business."

Gary Pellant


Emily Grene

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