Emily Grene

“It’s changed the way we do business altogether.”

Dick Gray
Go Active Energy, LLC


“There are many choices you can find with a simple Google search, but at the end of the day, there is only one choice for AER: SnapCount.”

Brian Sokolow
AER Lighting


“We are currently managing a project with 30+ locations, all from within SnapCount. We couldn’t do it without SnapCount”

Scott Earp


“SnapCount has eliminated any need for a paper-based facility assessment through its data gathering and mapping/pinpointing. It’s all of our assessment and retrofit information in one place, one platform.”

Steve LoJacono

Mike Hunter, Rogers Electric

“6 million square feet in 2 weeks would have been absurd before SnapCount. But SnapCount made it possible for us.”

Lynn Hawkins
Sustainable Turnkey Solutions

Mike Hunter, Rogers Electric

“This has revolutionized the way we operate.”

Mike Hunter
Rogers Electric

Sam DiNello, Future Energy Group

“With SnapCount, I win more, with a lower cost of project development.”

Sam DiNello
Future Energy Group

Reg Cook, Henna Electic

“For us it was a no-brainer to go with SnapCount. Getting the data from the site back to the home office… it happens almost instantaneously.”

Reg Cook
Hemma Lighting Solutions

Genesis Energy International

“SnapCount increased our business income from lighting by 35%.”

Lincoln Marunde
Director of Lighting

Curtis Henshall,
Assistant Director of Lighting

Genesis Energy International

US Illuminations

“SnapCount is a great value-add.”

Tina Conley
US Illuminations

Emily Grene

“This tool has completely changed our business.”

Gary Pellant
Director of Sales & Marketing
Emily Grene

R World Energy Solutions

“SnapCount is a robust software package – easy to use and ideal for our kind of business.”

Frank Fazio
President and CEO
R World Energy Solutions

Mike Coghill

“Previously it would take 1.5 weeks to get a proposal out. With SnapCount, it can take just hours.”

Mike Coghill
Lighting Retrofit Design Specialist