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SnapCount energy retrofit software is an easy-to-use, purpose-built solution designed to remedy frustrations faced in the energy retrofit process. This automated, integrated software solution runs readily on mobile platforms (iOS & Android) and in the cloud. SnapCount integrates lighting audits, proposals, purchase orders/work orders, construction documents and invoices with real-time dashboards including project progress tracking. By using SnapCount, retrofitters, ESCOs and distributors can streamline retrofit and proposal operations, saving between 30 to 70% in time and costs.

Key SnapCount highlights include:

  • Leverage the industries’ most functional mobile energy retrofit software proven to accelerate your energy audits from small surveys to large investment grade projects
  • Enjoy comprehensive lighting and energy retrofit quote and proposal tools that quickly develop the project and deliver your message with boldness, clarity and credibility
  • Mobilize your energy efficiency projects effectively with operational support functions including material purchase orders, labor work orders, scope of work, construction documents, invoicing and real time project status tracking
  • Stay on top or your business by using graphical real time dashboards to track the status of every audit, quote, job and invoice, ensuring that nothing falls through portals. Integrate with your current company systems including CRM, Accounting & ERP
  • Engage with clients and contractors in a modern way through branded portals

Who is using SnapCount energy retrofit software?

  • Energy audit professionals seeking to accelerate their data collection activities and eliminate data re-entry
  • Leading lighting retrofit companies wanting to increase their proposal capacity and market share in an exploding energy efficient lighting market
  • Lighting and electronic distributors wanting to move beyond order fulfillment by proactively creating demand for their product lines
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) needing to improve speed and accuracy in creating high quality energy performance proposals and contracts
  • Lighting manufacturers seeking a way to accelerate the specification and sales of their products by equipping representatives with advanced quoting tools

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StreamLinx™ introduces
SnapCount® 5.5

In 2014, a revolution was born. It arrived in the form of an automated, integrated energy retrofit software that changed everything. Running readily on mobile platforms(IOS & Android) and in the cloud, this enterprise-grade, end-to-end breakthrough shifted the landscape forever.

No longer would retrofitters be saddled with legal pads and pencils, moving at a snail’s pace through an audit. No longer would lighting information be gathered from dog-eared catalogs and manuals. No longer would reports be laborious, dull and unattractive.

Welcome to SnapCount 5.5, and the introduction of a host of sought-after new features. Lighting and energy retrofit is advancing faster than ever, and your team needs the smartest, most flexible tools. With SnapCount 5.5, you have proven lighting retrofit software that empowers you to lead.

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Energy Retrofit Software

SnapCount Success Story


Future Energy Group


Future Energy Group was founded in 2014 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. They provide a turnkey approach to corporate sustainability and creating a more energy-efficient planet for children and future generations. With project opportunities expanding at an explosive rate, the Future Energy team soon realized they required better methods to scale their business. They began searching for a software that would allow for a higher rate of projects won, at a lower cost of project development. After a webinar with the SnapCount team, Future Energy Group knew it was time to ditch the pencil and paper auditing method.

With SnapCount, I win more, with a lower cost of project development

– Sam DiNello, Co-Founder, VP

Today, speed, efficiency and accuracy are the norm and Future Energy Group is a leader in the lighting retrofit industry.

After implementing SnapCount energy retrofit software, Future Energy Group has grown exponentially and has established themselves as an industry leader in providing energy solutions and sustainability. One of their more recent wins involved a project with over 30,000 fixtures with expansive details and accuracy. They stood out from their competitors by providing higher precision and proof that the team had done their homework.

To learn more about Future Energy Group visit or to read more SnapCount client success stories visit Buzz.

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