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Lighting Retrofit Software for Enterprise Business

If your company specializes in the retrofit operations of large, investment-grade projects, national account roll-outs, IoT deployments, or Energy Service Performance Contracting (ESPC’s); whether direct or with your ESCO partner, SnapCount equips you to manage the many people, contractors and suppliers that will make your turn-key operation hum.

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Investment-grade projects conducted end-to-end in one platform with precision and ease.

Lighting Audit Software

Equip your army of auditors digitally.

Empower your auditors to move swiftly between facilities, capturing detailed audit data, including customizable data templates, visual floor plans, photographs and other media. Whether targeting a simple retrofit or advanced controls opportunity, your team will have the needed details to develop an accurate project without frustrating revisits.

Goodbye data transcription, hello rapid project turn-around.

SnapCount makes data transcription a relic of the past. With data instantly synced to the cloud, your team is ready to “solution” your large and multi-location campuses and national accounts with winning measures from an existing catalog or from the SnapSource™ material hub maintained by the industries’ leading manufacturers. Adding advanced controls enables your team to layer on more savings that prove your project’s return.

SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software
SnapCount Proposals

Proposals that set you apart and leave no detail behind.

Impress key decision makers with your preparation and diligence by presenting detailed and graphic-packed proposals that help you tell your winning story.  Your content will go beyond the line-by-line, highlighting key return metrics, detailed cash flows and multi-site portfolio analysis, all with plenty of infographics that make your numbers pop.

Eliminate profit-stealing errors. Track and manage implementation in real-time.

“On-time and on-budget” is music to your customer’s ears and money in the bank. SnapCount Operations helps you ensure that materials and labor are deployed effectively and without error. From initiating purchase orders, work orders and scope of work, to tracking job progress in real time and visual as-built deliverables, your customer will be amazed at your project mastery.

SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software

Seamless vendor interactions.

Work hand-in-hand with vendors through a digital, branded web portal, enabling vendors to view and update job status, submit invoices and more.

Customer visibility like never before.

Put your customer in the driver's seat as they review site-based communications from your firm including audits, proposals, statuses, invoices and more all within a branded web portal.

In just 60 seconds, discover how much...

  • Additional Revenue
  • Higher Profits
  • Lower Costs
  • And fewer errors you would have if you used SnapCount.

Try out the SnapCount Savings calculator and discover how your lighting retrofit business could be transformed.

Before SnapCount, it was difficult to collect audit details using pencil and paper methods. We've been working with national accounts that are blown away by the detail SnapCount provides them in the audit and proposal.

Lynn Hawkins - STS

Working on proposing IoT and advanced lighting in SnapCount versus the old fashioned method has been night and day. I was able to adjust savings, tweak tunings, and more. The proposal and savings calculations we were able to generate was completely defensible to the client with the credibility it provided.

Jonathan Murano - IoEnergy

Increase in speed and capacity for
Rogers Electric

Increase in win rate for

Value-Added Partners

SnapCount's partnership with Encentiv Energy enables you to discover and rapidly calculate incentive and rebate programs to your customers at an unmatched pace. Armed with Encentivizer™, you will have the ability to discover lighting rebate opportunities instantaneously.

The integration of Mark Jewell's Selling Energy and Selling in 6™ into the SnapCount platform enables you to experience the best of digital project development, delivery and leading sales training, all from the convenience of your home or office.

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