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Get inside retrofit’s No. 1 lighting audit software.

Follow an auditor on the job in this demo video and learn about SnapCount lighting audit software features, from sketch and voice recording, to storing your proposal data in the cloud, to following through on all aspects of implementation.

Three quick steps through SnapCount.

Lighting Audit Software

No paper, no pencil, no problem.

Replace legal pads, pencils, and handwritten notes with a tablet or smart phone in the field. SnapCount empowers your team to move rapidly through the job site, recording multiple fixture types, quantities and burn hours. Use your device's camera to add photos directly to the area under audit, and add blueprints, floor plans or hand sketches to visually tag fixture data.

SnapCount has eliminated any need for a paper-based facility assessment through its data gathering and mapping/pinpointing. It’s all of our assessment and retrofit information in one place, one platform.

-Steve LoJacono, Graybar

Create quotes that feed your need for speed.

Replace messy, hand-written audit transcription with seamless precision. SnapCount enables lightning quick transcription of audit data from the field by uploading to the cloud. Generate ideal solutions from preset "kits" or propose a custom solution with just a few clicks. Demonstrate the ROI with an accurate analysis including savings, incentives, and rebates.

It could take us weeks to transcribe our hand written audits to an Excel spreadsheet and produce a proposal before SnapCount. It takes us 1-2 hours to produce the proposal now versus 4-6 hours before. With SnapCount, I conduct an audit, get dinner, and have the proposal done before my head hits the pillow. There’s no more double checking.

-Steven Kopf, Palmetto Green

SnapCount Lighting Audit Software
Lighting Retrofit Proposal Software

Generate stunning proposals in a snap.

Replace mundane, time-extensive proposals with stunning, fully customizable proposals generated in minutes. SnapCount provides you with the ability to enhance the value of your retrofit project with a personalized proposal, separating you from the pack.

We are thrilled with the professionalism of the output that SnapCount provides and we’re proud to align our brand with the output.

- Danny Krueger, IoEnergy

In just 60 seconds, discover how much...

  • Additional Revenue
  • Higher Profits
  • Lower Costs
  • And fewer errors you would have if you used SnapCount.

Try out the SnapCount Savings calculator and discover how your lighting retrofit business could be transformed.

SnapCount Operations

Ready to implement? SnapCount stays on the job.

Mobilize quickly with material purchase orders, labor work orders, and stay current with daily progress tracking all within the SnapCount platform.

The SnapCount Operations Module allows our team to mobilize projects with pinpoint accuracy helping us manage materials, labor, completion status all in real time for our customers.

- Brian Sokolow, AER Lighting

SnapCount Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team is on call and at the ready.

Receive unparalled support and training from a 100% US based customer success team rooted in high-growth software implementation and support.

The support team is incredible. Any issues we have get solved quickly and questions are answered immediately. The ability to get assistance from small to critical issues is huge. They’re focused on getting us what we need right away.

- Tim Donovan, Donovan Energy

At last, a comprehensive solution to incentives and rebates.

SnapCount’s partnership with Encentiv Energy enables you to discover and rapidly calculate incentive and rebate programs to your customers at an unmatched pace. Armed with “Encentivizer”, you will have the ability to discover lighting rebate opportunities instantaneously.

The Encentivizer rebate tool is great. Once your data is set up, it quickly gives you accurate rebate estimates you can use in proposals and impress your clients - it's like having one of the best rebate companies in the industry on your team!

-Reg Cook, Hemma Lighting

Retrofit Software

Retrofitters, this is rocket fuel.

As a retrofitter, you know the need for speed. If it’s taking your team too long to audit, quote and complete lighting and energy retrofit projects, this booming market can leave you behind. SnapCount is a clean-sheet lighting retrofit software design that streamlines the entire process while aggregating the information into actionable operations intelligence.

Our ability to retrieve accurate data, combined with photographs and floorplans means we no longer have to design in the dark. The platform also provides us with central control and visibility of our entire project operation.

- Mike Hunter, Rogers Electric

ESCO Retrofit Software

ESCOs, welcome to your time machine.

When it comes to auditing, quoting and commissioning large-scale retrofit projects, the SnapCount ecosystem has you covered. SnapCount helps ESCOs develop and mobilize investment grade projects in a fraction of the time, energy and expense of current-day methods.

Before SnapCount, it was difficult to collect audit details using pencil and paper methods. We’ve been working with national accounts that are blown away by the detail SnapCount provides them in the audit and proposal.

- Lynn Hawkins, STS Group

SnapCount Logo Green

Distributors, meet your game-changer.

As a distributor, you occupy the critical central role in the energy efficiency ecosystem. Not only can SnapCount accelerate the audit-to-proposal time for your retrofitter and ESCO audiences, it effortlessly generates material purchase orders, labor work orders and construction documents.

The SnapCount platform has been vital in our ability to deliver value added services that win more projects for our contractor partners and end customers. The SnapCount advantage has enabled us to stand out in a crowd of me too distributors.

- Gary Pellant, Monterey Lighting Solutions

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