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EV Charging Station Software for the Energy Retrofit Industry

It's no secret the electric vehicle boom is here. With a surge in demand for electric vehicles and aggressive government financial support, the electric vehicle charging station market has created a massive growth opportunity for the energy retrofit industry. With SnapCount, you will digitally incorporate EV charging specifications and quotations into your retrofit projects, creating new and recurring revenue opportunities!

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Digitally incorporate an EV charging station offer into your energy retrofit project with ease.

Lighting Audit Software

Audit the EV charging station location on your tablet or phone.

Whether you're on the job site for an energy audit or strictly to install EV charging stations, SnapCount has you covered. Utilize the SnapCount mobile app to map where the designated equipment will be installed in relation to the building and power. Leave no detail behind with photo markup capabilities and 360 images to depict any obstacles that exist with the installation.

Create a quote with the latest EV charging technologies in just clicks.

SnapCount empowers you with the ability to select a number of EV charging station solutions for your installation in a matter of seconds. Apply labor costs, additional required equipment and rebates in an all-encompassing EV charging quotation.

SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software
SnapCount Proposals

Generate a graphic-rich proposal that is sure to seal the deal.

Stand out from the crowd as you effortlessly generate an EV charging station proposal loaded with graphics showcasing energy and non-energy benefits, images from the job site, and information about the technologies being installed.

Now is the time to add EV charging to your service offering.

With a surge of consumers purchasing electric vehicles and aggressive government financial support, electric vehicle charging stations have created a massive growth opportunity for the lighting and retrofit industries. Learn how to add an EV charging station offering to your retrofit business in this webinar.
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