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The lighting retrofit software that changed everything.

With SnapCount® lighting retrofit software, retrofitters across North America audit, propose and implement up to 70% faster. Now it’s your turn.

Lighting Retrofit Software

Choosing the right lighting retrofit software can be complicated.

That's why we've created the Lighting Retrofit Software Buying Guide, detailing the considerations, costs, and opportunities of making this the year you implement lighting retrofit software.

How did SnapCount become the No. 1 software in lighting retrofit? One success at a time.

Lighting Retrofit Software Case Study
Focused primarily on performing high-quality, investment-grade lighting audits, LogicLamp aimed to set themselves apart from competitors by providing the most thorough and reliable audits in the industry. See how they did so with SnapCount.
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Lighting Retrofit Software Testimonial
"With SnapCount, I win more, with a lower cost of project development."
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SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software

Every company has a story. We have a quest.

Our mission is simple: By making lighting retrofits faster, easier, and less expensive, we can help save a little bit more of our planet.

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