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Lighting Retrofit Software for Small Business

Whether you’re just starting out or preparing your operation for the next stage of growth, winning and implementing profitable projects has never been simpler or faster with the leading retrofit software that scales to your needs and budget.

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Lighting Retrofit Software for Small Business

Win more retrofit projects and increase revenue with less effort and re-work.

Lighting Audit Software

Ditch the pencil and paper.

Leave your pencil at home! With SnapCount you can use your tablet or smart phone to capture all facility data (including floorplans, photos, drawings and video) with the detailed precision that is sure to impress your customer.

No more data transcription!

Fresh off an audit or survey, you’ll be thrilled to discover that all your data is instantly transferred to your quote-ready cloud system with the simple tap of a button. No re-entering data, no error-prone transcription, the big companies have nothing on you. You’ll even be home on time for dinner!

SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software
SnapCount Proposals

Apply solutions and quote in record time.

SnapCount gives you powerful tools to find, select and price the best-fit retrofit solutions in a fraction of the time of your competition. Combining energy, maintenance & HVAC savings with generous utility rebates will help you offer an irresistible ROI to your client that will enhance your opportunity for rapid project approval.

Generate stunning proposals in an instant.

Eliminate manual data manipulation and instantly generate exhilarating and graphically rich proposals that demonstrate your professionalism, separate you from the pack and get your prospects to act.

SnapCount Lighting Retrofit Software
SnapCount Proposals

Never miss a beat (or fixture) with digital project management.

SnapCount Operations equips your crew to initiate purchase orders, work orders, scope of work and track all project work in real time. With comprehensive project close-out (as-built) reports, your customer will thank you for your professionalism and may even reward you with new project referrals.

Choosing the right lighting retrofit software can be complicated.

That's why we've created the Lighting Retrofit Software Buying Guide, detailing the considerations, costs, and opportunities of making this the year you implement lighting retrofit software.

It takes us 1-2 hours to produce the proposal now versus 4-6 hours before. With SnapCount, I conduct an audit, get dinner, and have the proposal done before my head hits the pillow. There's no more double checking.

Steven Kopf - Palmetto Green

SnapCount has created a great time savings in this project and others we have completed. It's saving us 80-95% in time from audit to proposal to implementation.

Tim Donovan - Donovan Energy

Reduction in solutioning time for
Pronghorn Solutions Group

Increase in business income for
Genesis Energy International

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