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"SnapCount increased our business income from lighting by 35%."

Curtis Henshall
Assistant Director of Lighting
Genesis Energy International

“We were having such a struggle with paper audits and knew that we needed software to solve our backlog issues. We operate around a bi-annual cycle where grants are awarded in Illinois. We get especially busy two times a year. We had to let a lot of opportunities go because we couldn’t get reports done in time and we were working around the clock. Our salespeople were getting very frustrated because we couldn’t perform. We were searching for a better way."

“We visited with the folks at SnapCount and did a demo. Then we compared and contrasted their software with other platforms.”

“SnapCount enables us to build a catalog of solutions and then it’s a matter of point and click for new opportunities. It’s also helped with pricing from a consistency standpoint. For example, if discounts are discontinued in a particular situation, we can more easily and accurately change the pricing throughout a report.”

“Using SnapCount has increased our productivity. We do audits and reports and run the jobs. We now have more time to be on site and oversee our installations. It’s easier, and better, to talk to our customers in person regarding any needs or issues.”

“SnapCount software increased our business income from lighting by 35%, with even more growth expected in 2015.”

“We’re partnering with some energy suppliers to pitch lighting. We have six to seven partners and we’re looking at 10 hot new leads per week. SnapCount gives us the ability to know we can comfortably pursue these leads.”

“Investing in the SnapCount software has given us peace of mind. We are meeting deadlines and we can actually go home at 5:00 p.m. and know there’s nothing outstanding to be done. For us it was essentially like hiring another person (or two), but cheaper.”

“It really hit home with us this past holiday season when our team was the only one not working during the holidays because we were caught up on our work. During the holidays the prior year, we were not able to take time off and we were the team that had to work through the holidays.”

“Walking around a job site with an iPad also makes me feel and look more professional. With SnapCount we have better presentations done in a more efficient manner.”

“Every issue we’ve had has been addressed in a timely and efficient manner, often within a 30-minute turnaround. They provide great customer service. They treat us like the biggest fish in the sea.”

"SnapCount is a great value-add."

Tina Conley


US Illuminations

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