Q. What happened to StreamLinx? Did SnapCount replace it?

A. Not at all! StreamLinx is the company behind SnapCount. As we’ve grown and improved our lighting and energy retrofit software, we realized it was time to give it its own name. Plus, we plan to introduce more new and exciting products in addition to SnapCount.

Q. We don’t have time to learn complex software. How easy is it run SnapCount?

A. SnapCount is, well, a snap to learn and use for the professionals who provide solutions to the commercial lighting and energy retrofit industry. After a brief start-up phase during which your specific solutions, workflow and operation preferences are configured, you’re on your way to a dramatically more efficient operation.

Q. Do we have to invest in new hardware?

A. No, SnapCount Mobile runs on your existing iPad (iPad II or later) as well as Android-based tablets. The cloud-based proposal and operations functions will work securely over any web browser and require no servers, software or expensive IT services.

Q. For every hour spent auditing, it can take us four hours to generate a proposal. What’s the average with SnapCount?

A. In general, you can expect your proposal cycle times to be cut in half. Proposal revisions (which often take as long as the original) are slashed by a factor of 10.

Q. Audit errors have cost me in the past. What’s the error rate with SnapCount?

A. While SnapCount can’t help you see fixtures you miss in the field (e.g. behind a closed door), the SnapCount process eliminates the largest error culprits, including manual data transcription, re-entry, and cutting/pasting from one project step to another. The results are audits, proposals and project deployment phases that are virtually error-free.

Q. If we need to show multiple versions of a proposal, can SnapCount help?

A. Yes. SnapCount makes it easy to produce revised or alternative proposals by quickly editing only those areas requiring revision. This also makes it easy to present multiple solutions (e.g. high-efficiency fluorescent, LED, etc.) to the client.

Q. Matching audit photos to the data is an error-prone pain. How does SnapCount address that?

A. SnapCount Mobile enables you to use the media functions (camera and voice recorder) of your tablet and assign these assets to the very area or room you are auditing. The assets are then available to you and other team members to use for the proposal crew scope of work and final construction documents (e.g. As-Built).

Q. With every retrofit, I’m under pressure to order materials and schedule labor quickly. How will SnapCount make us faster?

A. Historically, client approval of the retrofit project initiated a flurry of administrative work that included preparation of material purchase orders (often to multiple suppliers), labor work orders and crew instructions. With SnapCount, these actions are an automatic outcome of project initiation and require no additional data re-entry and manipulation.

Q. I’ve tried other audit and proposal solutions before, but none of them provided any functionality beyond the proposal. How does SnapCount support me during the project and after the project?

A. In addition to providing integrated material and labor purchasing functions, SnapCount provides detailed crew work instructions (Scope of Work) as well as the ability to digitally track and measure project progress and completion. SnapCount also enables you to produce project invoices (including milestone billing) as well as update your accounting or corporate ERP system.

Q. Many of my larger customers and partners are requesting a higher level of sophistication by offering methods of digital engagement. How can SnapCount help me look more advanced?

A. SnapCount operates in the cloud and offers you company-branded portals that provide your customers a secure place to retrieve quotes, check project status and retrieve invoices without having to rely on antiquated information request methods. In a similar way, contractor partners can bid on work, retrieve work assignments and communicate project status in a secure and proactive manner. With SnapCount, you will quickly upgrade your “Digital IQ” and enhance your standing with customers and partners.

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