Lighting Audit Software


As a retrofitter, you live in a world of details and speed, never having enough of either. Your team scrambles to pull together the info from audits, pushing data into Excel and generating the slew of proposals, orders and invoices that retrofitting demands.The process is error-prone. It’s draining. Worst of all, it’s slow.

And now, it’s obsolete.

SnapCount lighting audit software was purpose-built to solve the frustrations you face in your energy retrofit operations. This automated, integrated software solution runs readily on your mobile platform (IOS & Android) and in the cloud.

Far above the rigid, one-size-fits-all mobile “apps” popular with less sophisticated mass-market suppliers and distribution associations, SnapCount brings you an enterprise-grade, end-to-end lighting audit software solution. With SnapCount, you’ll replace legal pads and handwritten notes with tablets and smartphones; you’ll replace messy, after-the-audit transcription with seamless precision; and you’ll replace manual, labor-intensive processes with automated material ordering and labor scheduling.

And after the job is done, SnapCount continues to perform for you with intuitive dashboards that enable analysis of both project and company performance.

Lighting and energy retrofit is advancing faster than ever, and your team needs the smartest, most flexible tools. With SnapCount, you finally have software that not only keeps up – it empowers you to lead.

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