A three-minute tour of SnapCount.

1Audit with more speed and accuracy.

SnapCount Speed and Accuracy

Your audit team can move rapidly through the job site, recording multiple fixture types, quantities and burn hours.

Use your tablet’s camera and microphone to add photos and narration directly to the area under audit.

Add facility blue prints, floor plans or hand sketches and visually tag fixture data.

2Upload to our cloud and build your recommendation.

SnapCount Cloud

With precise audit in hand, upload to our cloud-based server. Then generate ideal solutions from preset “kits” or propose a custom solution.

Demonstrate the ROI with an accurate analysis that includes savings, incentives and rebates.

3Create custom proposals.

SnapCount Proposals

Deliver stunning, fully customizable proposals that enhance your value and separate you from the pack.

After project approval, mobilize quickly with material purchase orders, labor work orders and crew instructions.


4Manage the entire project implementation.

SnapCount Project Management

Stay current with highly detailed, daily progress tracking, then invoice directly or integrate with your accounting software.

Provide customers a branded portal to retrieve quotes, check status and review invoices.