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EnPact Lighting and SnapCount: 50% Revenue Growth Case Study

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EnPact Lighting, a turnkey lighting retrofit and design company, was founded in 2015 with the goal to save energy, improve lighting performance, and lower maintenance costs for building owners. Aimed to provide customers with solutions unique to their operational needs, EnPact Lighting sought out to find a software that could eliminate their arduous retrofit workflow processes. With goals of eliminating data transcription and completing retrofit projects end-to-end in a digital manner, EnPact Lighting began a search for digital methods to integrate into their business.


Transferring from a broader energy savings business, Chris Langley founded EnPact Lighting in 2015 upon learning the demand and sustainability of the lighting retrofit industry. As EnPact Lighting began performing retrofit projects, audit data was collected by walking through a facility, writing down the various lighting components and tick marking the count of each fixture. After a number of projects, Langley found that the extent of the miscounts and the resulting transcription of the audit data to an Excel spreadsheet presented a large roadblock.

“After counting all of my tick marks from the audit, it really became a time draw to go back and forth transcribing the data, especially if I missed something. I’m very particular and always want to make sure the counts are exactly correct because missed fixtures lose money and customer savings”, said Langley.

After a lighting audit was completed, data was transferred to another individual at EnPact Lighting to be entered into a spreadsheet. Langley quickly found that this process snowballed into an error prone method including retyping the data multiple times before entering the proposal stage. “Having someone else try to read my handwriting and enter the data into a spreadsheet was faulty at best. The other person would type the data into a spreadsheet, then I would have to retype it because there were multiple errors. It would take us two or three days or longer to get a quote generated for the customer due to  the retyping and errors”, said Langley.


EnPact Lighting began a search for a lighting retrofit software solution in 2019 in effort to eliminate pencil and paper audits, remove data transcription, and increase proposal turnaround speed. As a small company, EnPact Lighting evaluated two solutions, initially trialing a lower-cost solution to keep up-front costs at a minimum. However, they quickly learned that the lower-cost software did not align with their long-term goals of growth and profitability.

“We were not impressed with the entire workflow that our initial software choice provided. We were attempting to keep our costs at a minimum, but after three months we learned that the bottom line was we made the wrong choice and reached out to SnapCount”, said Langley.

EnPact Lighting selected SnapCount as their permanent lighting retrofit software in late 2019 and soon began conducting full-turnkey retrofits in the platform. With a complete elimination of manual audits and data transcription, EnPact Lighting quickly turned around proposals to customers with immense time savings. “It’s significant savings, time-wise. SnapCount provides a ton of information and fields that you don’t think about when you’re alone in the field with pencil and paper. As a small company doing large projects SnapCount makes us look very professional and provides us with a deliverable that wins us projects”, said Langley.



Upon implementing SnapCount, EnPact Lighting increased revenue by 50% as the level of professionalism in the field and on the retrofit proposal enabled EnPact Lighting to win larger projects.


With the capability to complete quick, accurate facility assessments and turnaround a proposal in a matter of hours, EnPact Lighting saw an increase of 30% in project win rate.

1 Day

With data transcription transformed from hours of onerous labor to the click of a button, EnPact Lighting reduced proposal turnaround time from 3 days to having a proposal in a customer’s hand within a day.


“As a small company tackling some pretty large projects SnapCount has been a game changer for EnPact Lighting. At the end of the day, I think a lot of this business boils down to providing professional service and looking professional. SnapCount’s deliverable  definitely supplies a us a leg up on the competition. It took us selling just one extra project to pay for SnapCount and that’s the way we think all contractors, big or small, should look at an investment that is this transformative for your business. SnapCount has been worth every penny. The bottom line is SnapCount gets us increased business and I’m looking forward to diving more into the advanced controls and project management features of the software to maximize our use of the platform and continue to win even more projects”, said Langley.

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