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Logic Lamp and SnapCount - Small Business Growth

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LogicLamp, a lighting consulting and service company, was founded in March of 2019 with a goal of providing external service support for ESCO’s in the United States and Canada. Focused primarily on performing high-quality, investment-grade lighting audits, LogicLamp aimed to set themselves apart from competitors by providing the most thorough and reliable audits in the industry. With experience using lighting audit software in the past, LogicLamp set out to find a tool that could provide their partners with a quality audit and provide a competitive advantage with value-added services to the ESCO industry.

Prior Experience with Lighting Audit Software

With prior experience using various light audit software applications, the LogicLamp team shared their experiences with 3 different platforms. As a small and nimble team, LogicLamp aimed to use a software that could bring the most value to the table for their team and truly change the dynamic of the business. “We looked at lighting audit software and compared it to running a taxi business. If you had a taxi business, you would look more towards a fleet of hybrid cars, not gas guzzlers because they change the dynamic of your whole business. They might be a bit of a higher up-front cost, but you will save money in the long term and have the best ‘tools’ on the market” said Saurabh Awasthi, Co-Founder of LogicLamp.

LogicLamp considered 3 different options when evaluating the lighting audit software that could take their business to the next level. Team members of LogicLamp had experience using ecoInsight in prior roles but faced numerous challenges with the software and felt it could not deliver a true quality audit. Also considered was Retrolux, however the LogicLamp team faced multiple challenges including difficulty building solutions and conducting a quality lighting audit with the software. Overall, LogicLamp chose the solution that they felt could deliver the highest quality audit in the market and provide the best technical support: SnapCount.

The Switch to SnapCount

With a business geared towards working with large ESCO’s, LogicLamp aimed to find a lighting audit software that would help them stand out in two categories: a quality lighting audit and a reduction in audit errors in the field. Given prior experience using SnapCount in the field, the LogicLamp team knew that it was the only software that could provide them with the value-added services to win more projects.

“I’ve personally used SnapCount in various stages since 2013 or 2014 when the software was in its early stages and it has only gotten better with time. When my co-founder and I wanted to choose one lighting audit software to use in LogicLamp it was an easy choice. SnapCount helps us align with a lot of major ESCO’s who also have their own instances of the software, it gives us an easy point of entry and instills the confidence in our audits that the ESCO is looking for” stated Awasthi.

Business Results


With drastically reduced audit turnaround times, LogicLamp increased their win rates and increased chances of being rewarded recurring projects.


With capabilities including working off of a floor plan, copying rooms, and generating mass updates on fixture details, LogicLamp has reduced their audit error rate by 50%.

With the ability to send audit data to a remote quality assurance team, LogicLamp was able to continue conducting projects in a streamlined manner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LogicLamp Reaction

“I think our story would have been a lot different if we hadn’t made the switch to SnapCount. With the challenges we’ve experienced with other lighting audit software, we’re very glad we chose SnapCount given all of the value-adds it provides in the eyes of the ESCO industry. It was very easy to implement in our organization and once our auditors began using it there was no going back. If you’re a quality auditor, there’s no reason to use any other tool. We’ve also utilized the SnapCount Certification Program to give ourselves a leg up, and if we tell an ESCO that we have a SNAP-A Certification they know we’re on top of our game. It’s huge to acquire new customers. With SnapCount our chances of earning recurring projects has skyrocketed. I don’t know a single ESCO who hasn’t given us a second job when we’ve used SnapCount to audit a facility. Often times individuals involved in the retrofit industry look too far into the price of a tool or software and look past the value that the tool brings to the business. They need to understand the tool is what defines and drives the business, and we’re happy to say SnapCount has done both for LogicLamp” said Awasthi.

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