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SnapSource for Linmore LED Products

Distributors, become the go-to source for the rapidly expanding retrofit market with SnapSource for Linmore LED products

The contracting and ESCO world has rapidly changed as high-volume retrofitters have gone completely digital with the leading retrofit solution: SnapCount. Now, you can become your retrofitting customer’s favorite digital partner with SnapSource.

What is SnapSource?

SnapSource is an online repository of Linmore LED's leading LED products linked directly to the Contractor or ESCO’s private SnapCount quotation account, and you are their supplier. Think of it as your private Amazon account with the contractor as your customer. And, using the SnapSource portal for Linmore LED product quotes is free to your team!

How does it work?

Contractors and ESCO's audit a site location and build a quote with Linmore LED products

Contractors submit an RFQ (request for quote) to you through the SnapSource network

You receive an email notifying you of the RFQ and simply click the link, log into the SnapSource portal, price out the quote and submit back to the contractor

The contractor receives your response and accepts your quote instantly onto their project

The contractor presents their proposal to the end customer

Quick + Simple + Easy = Happy customers & increased sales.

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