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SnapCount Customer – SnapSource Usage Terms of Service

1.    Additional Service Functionality
By agreeing to these terms, Customer is adding SnapSouce functionality, including the following:
• Access to manufacturers’ current product information including images, part name, number, description and specifications updated by the manufacturer partners (“Product Data”);
• Ability to create job estimates by selecting products from integrated Product Data;
• Ability to receive price quotes from authorized product manufacturers, agents, and distributors (collectively, “Vendors”) and create purchase orders; and
• Ability to order from authorized Vendors.

2.    Data Sharing
Customer does not pay an additional fee to add and use SnapSource but agrees that StreamLinx may share the de-identified aggregated data collected through the Service with Vendors, excluding Customer pricing, specific brands, specific job locations, and Customer/contractor identities.

3.    Purchasing with SnapSource
Customer agrees that if it “wins” a job with an estimate created in the Service, Customer will execute the order the products from that job from within Service or otherwise report the win for that job and purchase the products from Vendor(s) that provided the product price quotes through.

4.    Rebates from Manufacturers or Channel Partners
Manufacturers and/or channel partners may pay rebates to Customer that are managed and administered through StreamLinx. Rebates will be paid to Customer by StreamLinx, generally annually, at a date determined by StreamLinx and Manufacturer or Channel partner. Rebate rates vary by Manufacturer and Channel Partner and will be disclosed to customer upon request.  Rebates will only be paid if associated rebate funds are received by manufacturer (or channel partner) and if Customer is within an active subscription and is in good financial standing with StreamLinx. Orders (typically placed through a distributor, agent or manufacturer) must be completed through SnapSource or must include tracking details that verify order to the satisfaction of the Manufacturer.

5.    Term and Termination
The SnapSource functionality and the terms of this Order Schedule will be effective through the term of the Agreement. The SnapSource functionality will become part of the Service until the Agreement is terminated or expires or until StreamLinx discontinues the functionality.