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SnapCount for Sylvania Lighting Contractors

Lighting retrofit contractors: Maximize retrofit lighting sales like never before with SnapCount retrofit software

The lighting retrofit market represents a business opportunity of more than $200B in the US alone, and lighting retrofit contractors, are selling and implementing lighting projects at a record-setting pace by using SnapCount software.

With the pace of change in the lighting industry continuing to accelerate, retrofit contractors of all sizes are continually turning to SnapCount software to audit, quote win and install more retrofit projects in record time.

SnapCount replaces antiquated paper and excel spreadsheets with a mobile and cloud solution that helps you deliver impressive project proposals that wow your customer and accelerate your revenue and profit opportunity.

And it doesn't stop there. Featuring a pre-loaded catalog of Sylvania products, SnapCount makes the solution selection process a breeze. Ready to get started today? All new SnapCount customers will receive a FREE iPad with a SnapCount subscription, enabling you to digitally audit facilities at a rapid pace. Click below to contact the SnapCount Team.

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