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“There’s a reason some of the biggest retrofitters and ESCO’s in the world are using SnapCount.”

Navi Salaria
Director of Operations

“Before SnapCount, our backlog of audits to complete seemed to be ever-growing. We could only complete 7 or 8 audits a week with our spreadsheet method. We knew it was time to look into a software that could scale with our business.”

“In 2017, we began to look for a retrofit software platform to reduce our amount of time from audit to proposal in each project. We were looking for a platform that would not only increase our speed, but increase our accuracy as well. Additional needs included the ability to organize part and product numbers in a uniform manner because each auditor was using their own nomenclature, causing issues linking fixtures to line items.”

“Most importantly, the team at EnerSavings was in search of a retrofit software that could help drastically increase revenue and open up the opportunity to win more projects at greater speed.”

“Several software platforms were reviewed before EnerSavings selected SnapCount. We’ve seen other software that claims to be just as good as SnapCount, but the amount of customization, speed, accuracy,and support that SnapCount possesses is unmatched in this industry.”
“There’s a reason some of the biggest retrofitters and ESCO’s in the world are using SnapCount.”

“Clients are blown away with the level of accuracy and detail that is presented to them with the SnapCount proposal. Our numbers are incredibly accurate, which leads to a great deal of trust by our customers.”

“With this software being all cloud based, we have virtually created a system in which our projects are being worked on around the clock,allowing us to continue to grow and finish more projects.”

“We’re able to conduct audits and turn a proposal around in 48 hours, so we’re winning big projects at a higher rate than prior methods allowed.”

“We’re very impressed with the level of customization SnapCount can do at such a quick rate, and the support is phenomenal. We look forward to continuing to grow our team with the use of SnapCount.”

"I feel we've won a lot more projects that we would not have won without SnapCount."

Tim Cooper


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