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"SnapCount is a great value-add."

“SnapCount gives us one system and marries it to our financial system. This is extremely valuable – the information is at our fingertips and nothing has fallen through the cracks.”
Tina Conley
US Illuminations

“We go in and take existing buildings and install energy efficient lighting, inside and outside – straight retrofit or design fit, depending on the need or request. We can do a full turnkey change if desired, from fluorescent to LED. Lighting is the low-hanging fruit in energy efficiencies. Most customers can realize a 40-60% savings on their electric bills.”

“Mobility (of SnapCount) is a key benefit. It’s a good product, going from paper to tablet and then marrying it up with the SnapCount platform. Plus the SnapCount platform was able to interface with our financial platform and the interface was great.”

“We have had some initial issues with speed and training our team. But once you get through the training process with your team in the field, then it’s a positive experience. Regarding speed, it’s an issue of putting all that data in one platform in a timely manner. We’re working with the StreamLinx team to do this faster.”

“Our biggest challenge is controlling the data in the field – getting the right data, getting it back to the client in a timely manner, especially on the design side.”

“StreamLinx has been extremely supportive from a training standpoint. They will do whatever we need. They will come to our office. They have great customer support. Their team is great. I’ve worked with them on projects from the ground up and they were pretty seamless.”

“There’s really no direct competitor. There’s SalesForce, but it’s very sales-oriented. And ecoInsight. With SnapCount, I don’t have to think about it. It’s just done.”

“It used to be that everything was vanilla – all fluorescent with a finite number of choices. The inception of LEDs was just happening. Now it’s so much more — so many options, information, technologies, etc. It went from a very simple concept to a much more complicated situation. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is key.”

“People are becoming more sophisticated. But they need to stay off the Internet and turn to our company to get fast, smart and efficient solutions. And we need partners to help us as we do this for customers. We need to implement an operating system that will keep up with this fast-changing industry.”

“They are a great value-add. They give you one system and they can marry it to our financial system. This is extremely valuable. We have a history and we can go backwards or forwards and not miss anything. We have information at our fingertips and nothing has fallen through the cracks.”

“They can conform to our needs, manipulate what they do for us. We must be able to continue to tell the story consistently and effectively. We can do this with the electronic nature of the SnapCount system.”

“There’s a reason some of the biggest retrofitters and ESCO’s in the world are using SnapCount.”

Navi Salaria



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